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Without Even a Kiss pdf

Without Even a Kiss. Jason R Hemmings

Without Even a Kiss
Author: Jason R Hemmings
Number of Pages: 58 pages
Published Date: 04 Jul 2014
Publisher: Createspace
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781502911322
File size: 32 Mb
File Name: Without.Even.a.Kiss.pdf
Download Link: Without Even a Kiss

Without Even A Kiss Someone once said to me many years ago, that I would know the moment I had fallen in love, without even a kiss. It is a wonderful moment we all dream of, that we hope may come true one day. These seven stories tell various tales of moments like this, treasured times and the spirit of love. The first story 'Without Even A Kiss, ' is set by a picturesque lake, with a young man who is captivated by a beautiful, mysterious young woman who he meets by the lakeside and falls in love with her. She is hundreds of years old, but not in looks and holds the power to grant impossible dreams. It takes only a kiss, but the price it costs is far higher. Step into a world of dreams where the perfect day could be your last. Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it. 'The Rose Petal Princess, ' is a delicate, charming story, like a sweet scented rose. Childhood sweethearts, one a princess, the other a poor young local boy, hide a secret love from the world for a lifetime. The story is set in India a long time ago, on a perfect summer's afternoon and their last day together. It is a delightful reminiscence of when they fell in love, their childhood and treasured times together. It is a story where a true love lasts a lifetime and beyond. 'Mangroves And Manatees, ' is set on a small island in the Florida Keys. A millionaire businessman gives up that style of living in exchange for the quiet life by the sea. It is a story of enlightenment that shows him all the money in the world cannot buy him happiness. So he changes his perspective on life and people. One afternoon he discovers a lovely young woman on the cove by his cottage, who has just lost her high flying job. In the coming weeks they spend together, he discovers all she ever really wished for in life as a dream, is something he can fulfil for her. But she has to choose; money or love. 'The Icing On The Cake, ' is a delightful story about the love of making others happy through the endless pleasure of cake. The owner of a famous cake store in Vienna, reminisces of some treasured times over the 50 years of business, on her last day before retiring. Sometimes a love of something wonderful can be shared with countless others for a lifetime. One person can make a difference and really become the icing on the cake. 'The Girl From Yesterday, ' is a bittersweet, enchanting story of a lady who lost her true love and dreams of being the girl from yesterday, when life was perfect. She runs away to a cottage by the ocean in the Bahamas, but she longs for her lost love endlessly. Sometimes even Heaven forgets to bring an angel home, but not forever. 'Sweet Serenade In Paris, ' is a beautifully romantic story that begins with a young man reminiscing of his lost love. He walks the streets in the springtime and upon his return home, finds her waiting for him. She has realised after her time away from him, how much of a fool she was to leave the happiest place she could ever be. 'An Endless Love, ' has a couple visiting the island of Corsica. The young man dreams of a life far away from the city back home and time with his new love. The beautiful cove they arrive to enchants them and an unexpected gift offers them the hope to fulfil their dreams. Share in these stories that capture the spirit of love, from its beginning and beyond. For as long as the world can remember, so many have loved to dream and the best dream anyone could ever ask for, is love. Other books by Jason R.Hemmings The Last Dream, Perfect Moment, Perfect Days, Perfect Times, Always Chasing Rainbows, The Shore Of Soft Melodies, The Scent Of The Chocolate Trade Winds, Touch Of Honey In Your Kiss, Cotton Candy Days, The Last Days Of Summertime, A Love To Dream Of and Reflections Of Love.

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